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CML weight loss advice?

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#1 Asmaa


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Posted 27 September 2011 - 06:27 PM

i have gained about 15 pounds since my dx 1 year ago. i'm guessing it is related to the fatigue from tasigna and also the birth control i had to begin taking once diagnosed.  anyway, enough is enough and i've recently began working out regularly (which by the way, has helped greatly reduce the fatigue), counting calories along with healthier eating, more raw fruits and veggies and more water and green tea- no soda or juice. also using cinnamon and ginger to help increase my metabolism.  i really have ALOT more energy, haven't felt this good since i've had cml. anyway, weight loss seems to be a little slower or harder than it used to be before CML. so i'd really like to add a little boost into my weight loss plan like a natural supplement, such as one popular one known as African Mango. Was wondering if anyone has tried it or anything else to naturally boost their fat burning ability while using TKI's?  i don't know if its safe, but i don't see why not since it comes from a plant but i thought i'd just stop by here and see if any of u have tried it or what any of you might be doing to help lose weight? any info on natural weight loss supplements (not interested in any more chemicals ) or tips for effective weight loss for CML'ers would be helpful and appreciated.  Thank you!

p.s. i feel silly posting this question when there are so many more important ones to be answered, but i don't see my onc for two more mos. to ask about the african mango. so just thought it couldn't hurt to stop by here and see if anyone may have a tip or two.  thx.

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Posted 28 September 2011 - 04:31 AM

Okay, Asmaa, it's 5 am here and you drove me to the computer to post an answer.  Sorry, I can't help on weight loss tips with CML, since I'm in the same boat.  However, I must correct a common misconception.

When you take a natural supplement, you are actually putting chemicals into your body.  Yes, they come from a natural source, usually plant material, but these are still chemicals.  Most importantly, they can be just as biologically active (for good or bad) as the unnatural synthetic drugs you take.  It's not the source that matters, it's the biological activity. For instance, you can go pick mushrooms out in the forest, and kill yourself if you pick the ones that contain high levels of muscarine, a potent poison to humans.  Likewise, nicotine, a component of tobacco plants, is actually lethal in larger doses.  Do not be fooled into thinking if it is natural, it must be okay.

I don't know anything about African mango, but it is important to know the active ingredient in it to find out if there is any adverse interaction with Gleevec (or other TKIs). Sometimes, the active ingredient is known, but there aren't a lot of studies about it, in particular drug interactions.  If the main effect is to decrease absorption of food, I would be wary, since I would worry about it also decreasing the absorption of Gleevec.

I would bring whatever information you can find on it (biological activity and/or interactions) to your oncologist before starting a supplement.



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Posted 28 September 2011 - 10:08 AM

I have the same problem but only with Gleevec. Weight gain seems to be a common side affect. It was quite embarrissing when I went to the Dr. and ran into an old boyfriend (very cute old boyfriend) I hadn't seen in about 20 years, at the oncologiests office. They weighted me right in front of him, then practically shouted my weight. I was completely mortified!!!! The only thing that seems to help me is exercise, limit my food intake and not eat after 7pm., which means some days I go without dinner. Nothing else has worked for me.

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