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#1 Terran


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Posted 25 October 2015 - 07:26 PM

My hair has become embarrassingly thin. I'm currently on tasigna. Does anyone know if Rogaine helps at all? I'm going to get some latisse too. I'll post results. I'm too young for this sh$t. My oldest is still deployed with the Air Force, so I won't have any grand babies till next November at the soonest.

#2 Billie Murawski

Billie Murawski

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Posted 28 October 2015 - 01:11 AM

Terran, My hair got pretty thin too but it does grow back I swear by vit b12 1000mg.  I don't know if rogaine works or not I heard if you use it for baldness it will help but you have to use it forever or your hair will fall out again. As for using it for tki hair loss I don't know what will happen. I wouldn't chance it. I tried latisse for about 6 months for my eyelashes $129.00 a month I didn't notice a big difference and just like rogaine once you start using it you can't stop.I read that castor oil does the same thing as latisse. Yeah I tried it but I couldn't see because I had oily eyeballs all the time.

When you get a grandbaby I guarantee it will love you unconditionally whether you have hair or not! But you will have hair!!!!!.


#3 Frogiegirl


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 08:19 AM

Hi Terran! Ive been using both minoxidil 5%(rogaine) for almost 1 year and Lumigan(latisse) for several years due to being a glaucoma suspect. I Wish I had better news to report.....I'm still losing hair at the same rate as in the beginning. Get ready for an even itchier scalp. uuhhgg. Oh how I wish vanity wasn't such a huge part of society. But I get it, us gals and I'm sure some guys have a huge attatchment to our hair. maybe you will have a better outcome then I did. My doc told me to quit messing with it and lets see what happens when/or if I go off TKI in 9 months. I'm using the rogaine every other day because it does make your scalp itch.....I'm sure I look like a dog with flees when I get to scratchin lol

Diagnosed Oct 2013 Started 600mg of Tasigna  on Nov 4th. Lowered dose a few months later to 300mg due to side affects stayed here declining PCR until March 2015 small jump from 0.0072 to 0.0083 scarred my doc into full dose of Tasigna again 600mg(been miserable since) but reached PCRU 06/15/2015(next test) and have been there ever since. Hoping to have another little one. I have the support of my doc to go off anytime, just scared to jump. might go two years PCRU but he said it wont make much of a difference. I just figured I could possibly go into a trial while preggers if I got the two years behind me.

Nov 8th 2017 went off Tasigna

Dec 1st PCRU off TKI

Jan 5th PCR Detected .0625

Feb 1st PCR Detected .7815

Added 8-6 grams Curcumin daily in Feb

March 3rd PCR Detected 3.2646 YIKES!

 stopped trying for baby after February reading. will start new TKI march 16th 2017 (Sprycel)

FYI I'm not done trying for my last little one.

#4 Trey


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 07:37 PM

Because TKI hair "loss" is not the same as degraded follicle function, Rogaine is not very useful.  With TKI hair loss the hair falls out but immediately regrows, although the net effect is still thinner hair.  But with classic hair loss the follicle loses function so it needs stimulation from Rogaine to regrow hair.  This is not the case with TKI hair loss. 

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