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Keeping Tasigna comfy - not too hot.

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#1 Lori's okay

Lori's okay


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 01:41 PM

Hi all,

Having just lived through the DC area's big storm and power outages and heat wave, a few thoughts on my Tasigna. 

We left town on Saturday morning after the big storm (the strangest weather I have EVER lived through) and headed south to see a relative (previously planned trip.)  We drove for 8 hours in 100 to 106 temperatures.  I made the very dumb mistake of packing my meds in my suitcase that traveled in the trunk of the car.  I'd been so concerned about keeping my family and me safe from the heat without power that I totally forgot that Tasigna is very temperature sensitive. 

So, finally there and time to take the meds, I finally remembered ..... all contents of the trunk were basically at body temperature for those 8 hours.  Called a specialty pharmacist with the question:  is it still safe to take and is it still effective.  His answer was that it is safe, but having been at that temp so long probably pretty worthless on effectiveness.  So I basically lost a week's worth of this medicine. 

I had wanted a break, hope the doc will understand when I see her tomorrow for 3 month results - expect that she will.  Got a new shipment today so all is ok. 

Upshot:  I'll never make that mistake again!!!!

Just a reminder when we travel.  If I had just kept it in the cabin of the car would be ok. 

Hope you are all glad to see that heat wave go!!


DX 09-2011 PCR 8.08 not IS WBC 17 , Began Tasigna 600mg  

in 2012 Tasigna 450mg/day ,in 2013-2017 Tasigna 300mg/day


09-11/ 8.08 not IS

03-12/ 0.054 not IS

06-12/ 0.035 not IS

09-12/ PCRU, 01-13/ PCRU

4-13/ 0.042 IS

7-13/ 0.014 IS

11-13/ PCRU, 04-14/ PCRU

8-14/ 0.006 IS

PCRU: 12-14/ 05-15/ 10-15/ 02-16/ 

09-16/ 02-17/ 09-17/ 

10-17 tapered off 

11-3-17 Stopped Tasigna

1-15-18 still PCRU


#2 Dina36


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 02:30 PM

Hi Lori,

I also take Tasigna and live in the climate where the temperatures can reach up to 113F in the summer.

My Tasigna is being delivered every month to my home and it always comes in regular shipping envelope with no ice packs in it,

I've been concerned about the drug effectiveness each time when I received it from the delivery guy because that envelope does get

kind of warm and who knows how long the medicine was kept in their truck circling around the town until it finally gets to my destination. So I called the pharmacy  a few times already asking the same question and also called the Tasigna toll free number and both of them told me that Tasigna is still probably safe and effective since it is tested to sustain high temperatures up to 86F I believe and as long those capsules are still looking fine and not sticking to each other its probably just fine.

After hearing that I have decided to take them but I do was nervous for sure if they are still safe and effective.

My pharmacy is not delivering their medicine with ice packs unless I go there each month to pick it up by myself.

I just hope that they are safe though but I don't blame you not to take them if you don't feel confident of their efficacy.

Thanks for sharing your story.


#3 pamsouth



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Posted 09 July 2012 - 05:10 PM

In the summer my Gleevec always come in a box.  In the box is a Styrofoam container with two ice packs and in the middle of the styrofoam container is the gleevec taped in bubble wrap, with the ice packs on each side.



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