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Gleevec Nausea

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#1 Tenderheart


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Posted 12 June 2011 - 07:57 PM

Hi everyone, I want to ask about Gleevec nausea. I have been on Gleevec for 7 years and have struggled with the nausea off and on all the time. I am on 600 mg now, and I take it in divided doses, 2 after breakfast and 4 after supper. I can't tolerate it at work, too much heartburn/indigestion in midday. For the first few years I couldn't tolerate a therapeutic dose because of the nausea. At that time I took Reglan twice a day, as well as a PPI like Nexium. Of course now it isn't recommended to take Reglan long term, and my insurance doesn't cover Nexium. So some changes in meds and lots of changes in diet. I never eat large meals or fatty or very spicy meals, and never eat meals late at night. I do use things like crackers between meals if I need to, buttermilk or Sprite sometimes...

But I have persistent nausea worsening over the last several weeks. My doc is doing a workup--CT was neg. and having EGD this week, but it seems it is going to be gastritis from the Gleevec.

So now down to my question. Does anyone else have this problem, and how do you control it better than I have? I do have Compazine 5 mg tabs I take, and I can take one at work if I have to. Then I have Phenergan 25 mg., and I can never tolerate a whole tab, just half--and it is so very sedating. There has to be another solution. Oh, and instead of the Reglan 30 min. before eating, I take Pepcid 10 mg. But it is still not really controlling this.


Thanks so much!  

#2 Susan61


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Posted 12 June 2011 - 09:31 PM

HI:  The nausea is something that I do not get anymore after being on Gleevec since 2000.  I get it once in a great while depending on what I ate.  I found eating a good substantial meal before taking my Gleevec prevented the nausea.

     I do take the Nexium for the GERD problem.  I have had some medications that my insurance did not want to pay for, but as long as my doctor filled out a form telling them that the certain medication was the only one I could take they allowed it.  Maybe you can do something like that with the Nexium.  I have to say the Nexium is the only one that has worked so well for me.

    I hope you can get some relief and some answers.  I only take 400mg. of Gleevec.  It seems like the 600mg is what is making you feel so sick, even though you are splitting your doses.

   Maybe someone else has the same problem, and can advise you what to do.

#3 Guest_billronm_*

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 10:31 PM

Dear Tenderheart,

When I was on Gleevac I could plan on nausea 20 min. after I took it, and all those other surprises we get. I was on 400mg for over 3 years. I finally got my onc to switch to Sprycel. I was taking 80mg of nexium a day (had to fight the ins co. too). Last year my doc switched me to protonix 80mg a day. It made no difference with my gi issues nexium didn't either. Right after I went off G all my stomache problems went away, especially the nausea. I was so relieved to be off G (5 weeks) then go on the Sprycel. I was so scared of going on a new med I imagined all kinds of horrible side effects worse than G. But I went on the S and it was kind of hard the first 2 weeks.

Mainly the headaches and fatigue. Now I still get headaches mostly annoying ones that don't last long but the fatigue has been really bad. I'm pretty anemic I just found out last week. I was the one with the meltdown. Your kind words and everyone else's really came through for me the love kindness and understanding really got me through those days which were the hardest for me since dx. I know it's scary but maybe you should consider Sprycel.I was on 100mg a day. And Friday my 50mg

arrived oncs trying 100mg every other day and 50mg in between hoping it will help the anemia. I know it's to soon but I took 50mg Fri,100mgSat,and 50mg today and I haven't felt this good in so long I don't know if it's the decrease or I'm making myself eat more but I had a really good day I cooked a nice Sunday dinner got my laundry all caught up cleaned my stove ( I had to I made pork chops and fried potatoes) hubby wanted to help with the dishes I said no. I never laid down at all today first time in a long time. My routine has been do a little bit of housework than rest and do a little bit more rest etc. It felt so good I felt like I was in charge of my body. Maybe this decrease in S will really help, and hopefully another decrease is coming.  At least think about your meds.All I can say is what a difference Sprycel made for me. All my blood may be drying up but my stomache is fine.                                 Good Luck Billie

#4 Tenderheart


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Posted 13 June 2011 - 06:49 AM

Thanks, Susan, for the advice, esp about the Nexium. I'll talk to the doc about that...

#5 Tenderheart


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Posted 13 June 2011 - 06:50 AM

Thanks, Billie, for taking the time to respond about this. I am beginning to think you are right about changing meds. I'll see what the test results are this week. Gotta do something. I so appreciate the help. Donna

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