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I don't know how to read lab reports

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 04:14 PM

I was caught so off guard 3 years ago finding out I had cml I just keep doing what they tell me. Numbers mean nothing to me. I just got some kind of bw results.

This is all they wrote PCR-bcr/abl  Dx CML w/o ment of having acheived remission (205.10). That is always on my bw orders. Since Joining this site I want to know more about my status with cml.   I'd appreciate any help. These nos. are from 1-19-2011 after going off G for 5 wks. And being on Sprycel 2 weeks. My next bw is 2-19 2011.     Thank you Billie

#2 Trey


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Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:04 PM

205.10 and "w/o mention of having acheived remission" is an Onc's billing code for CML insurance claims.  It doesn't mean anything.

You should look on the PCR report for a number in the format X.XXX (for example 1.789 or mention of a percentage or ratio).  Also look for mention of a "log reduction" with a number.

#3 Guest_billronm_*

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Posted 06 February 2011 - 01:57 PM

Dear Trey,

Thank you for answering me so fast. I guess this form is just for observation orders. The only other numbers are  Patient# and order# 1.158.973. This is just a notice that they did the test not the results. I guess.

When I go to my next appt. should I ask for a printout of my results.They used to call me the day after bw and give me the numbers, but they have'nt done that for about 6 months. Could I call the cc center and have them give me the numbers? I get bw done 1xa month. I'm not due to get it until around Feb.19 My next appt at the cc center isn't until April. I don't get my bw at the cc center I go to a lab close to my house. The labwork done Jan 19 was at the cc that was my first labwork since going off Gleevac for 5 weeks and And being on Sprycel for 2 weeks. The nurse said something about my bw being different,but that's after my break and 2 weeks new on S. Should I get a copy of Jan. bw to compare it against feb. bw. I have always been afraid to ask any questions, I guess I've been in denial the last 3 years.I still can't believe it. I've got 2 other serious health problems that I'm dealing with. And 5 years ago I had a Melanoma luckily we caught it in time. And it had only gone into 2 lymphnodes.Since then I have had one skin cancer after another, I feel like I have been sliced and diced. My onc and my Dermotologist have talked to each other I really don't think they know. If it is the cml or the melanoma! We have a Pool and I love the sun. My doctors are going nuts trying to keep up with all this stuff. My pcp just keeps saying she is having a hell of a time keeping me alive. That's why they make the big bucks! I'd donate my body to science but I don't think they could handle that.Some people make things like this up  for attention, Hell I don't need any more attention.Have you heard of anyone else having skin cancers that have cml, or any type of cancer. OKAY I bugged you enough.Thank you Sincerely Billie

#4 Marnie


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Posted 06 February 2011 - 07:32 PM

Hi, Billie. . .Every time I have any lab work or tests of any kind done, I make sure to get a hard copy of it before I go home.  If the lab work isn't done by the time I leave, I call the cancer center to find out when the results are in, and then I go to pick up a copy.  I've done the same recently for my EKGs. . I go to the hospital the next day and get a printout.  I keep everything in a 3-ring, and I also keep my data on a spreadsheet on the computer, which makes it very easy to see trends.

If I were in your shoes, I would go to the cancer center. . .hopefully it's not too far away. . .and ask for copies of all of your tests from as far back as they have them.  Most everything is done electronically now, so it should be very easy for them to print out your reports.  You may want to call them ahead and let them know what you want, so they can pull the reports up and print copies for you.

Following the results and really knowing where you stand is very helpful in maintaining the right attitude, I think.  It puts you in control of your decisions, rather than at the mercy of the disease and your doctor.

Good luck.  Remember that all of your results belong to YOU, and that the doctor and the cancer center are working for you.  You pay for their services. . .just look at your insurance EOB to see how much they make every time you visit them.


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