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Leaving my job?

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 09:12 PM

I was diagnosed with CML in March of 09 and am currently in remission. I've been on Gleevec 400 mg since then.

I need to resign from teaching where my medical benefits are phenomenal. No premium, and I only pay $50 a month for the g, and only have that with a co-pay card from the mfg. I will probably not have my contract renewed because I suck at teaching the way we are required. I won't go into all that. Suffice it to say, as of June 2, I will no longer teach children in large groups and won't spend the time and money to pursue additional endorsements to teach anything else.  I am done. Stick a fork in me.

So, I'm curious, for you folks who left your job after diagnosis. Why? What did/do you do for income and insurance? I'm the main breadwinner, by the  way. My husband, with his own issues, makes only about $850 a month.

Mentally, I haven't been the same. Organization is a challenge, as well as mental focus and clarity of thinking. Some of this is because I'm a natural born space cadet, but it's only gotten worse and harder to make things work on the job. I'm also very tired a lot of the time and don't have the stamina it takes to keep up with 100+ 6th graders over the course of the day. Not to mention the planning, grading, copying and the other BS that gets thrown at me everytime I have to go to a meeting.

I don't want to stay home all day and would like a job 20-32 hours a week but they have no bennies...My husband and I don't mind giving up our mortgage and want to rent anyway. It would save us money.

I hope this makes sense. I'm so tired of being tired and not feeling good in most ways about my job. I need a change but don't want to be foolish. If I could see a net, I would jump now.

Any ideas or experience would be helpful. Thanks!

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 09:32 PM

Hi, Azteri. . .

I feel your pain.  I'm also a teacher. . .middle school math.  The job is an impossible one any more, and the fatigue from cml and/or Gleevec make it that much more difficult.

Have you looked into diasbility retirement?  I imagine that the paperwork would be a real nightmare, but it might be worth the time and trouble.  I've begun documenting episodes where my side effects have affected my work, just in case things get unbearable.  I'm hoping that I can finish out my career. . .5 years left after this one. . .because I'd like to receive the full retirement benefits that I've worked so hard for. . .but. . .

I'd be pretty terrified of losing health insurance benefits. . .COBRA is pretty darned expensive, from what I understand, and it only lasts for so long.  I would recommend that you go to your administration building and find out all you can about your options with medical benefits.  You might be able to stay on the group plan by paying the premiums.  You should also look into whatever kind of retirement medical plan is out there. . .at least if you are close to retirement age.  If you haven't been in teaching very long, then that isn't something that's going to be helpful.

My best advice is to find another job before you jump ship on your current one.  Now isn't a great time to be looking to change careers, and dealing with cancer and the expensive treatment that we face adds another dimension to the act of making a career change.

Best of luck to you,


P.S. Do NOT resign from your job.  If you are non-renewed, you can file for unemployment benefits.  If you resign, you cannot.  Often times, administrators will try to pressure teachers to resign rather than wait for non-renewal.  DO NOT DO IT.  Your teacher's association can be of help.  I certainly hope you are a member.

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