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Cardiologist appointment update

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 05:48 PM

Today was the day...I met with the cardiologist...and I have no additional information than I did yesterday!

His intrepretation of the ECG was "yeah, you have a mild enlarged left atrium (supposed to be 28 something and mine was 35 something)...but I was very pleased with the ECG.  Nothing else jumped out at me".  So he starts the examination and asks me to do the 4 deep breaths so he can listen to my back and I get dizzy.  And I get teary eyed.  I said "I'm only 36 - I should not be feeling this way".  So we continued talking and  he questioned whether or not my electrolytes, etc have been checked lately.  I said I know my basic cbc stuff has been done most recently at the beginning of January and that I had a baseline done before I started tasigna for the electrolytes, but don't think I've had another one.  He said I should go and get those rechecked (going tomorrow - weather permitting).  I did confirm with my hematologist that I haven't had another one done.  He did look up tasigna and said that tasigna can cause lower electrolytes which I guess can cause crazy stuff with your heart.  So I'm secretly hope that that's what it is so we can get that fixed!  Other than that, he has me going for a stress test next week.  He admits he is not experienced with CML nor does he know much about tasigna but was willing to learn.

They did the EKG in the office today and said it looked fine.  I guess it calculates to QT prolongation and he said it was fine.

Has anyone else experienced lower electrolytes on tasigna?  If so, did you have side effects from that?


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Posted 11 January 2011 - 07:01 PM

Hi Janner,

Glad to hear the cardiologist said things look okay.

I've only been on Tasigna for 5 weeks but I feel like it depletes electrolytes, but I have no proof.  I felt like that for the 11 months I was on Gleevec too, but the few times they were tested my sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium came out in the normal range except one slightly low potassium result.

In my short time on Tasigna, I feel like drinking electrolyte drinks or taking a calcium, magnesium, zinc supplement helps reduce the back pain I get on Tasigna, but it could be my imagination.

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