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not a good start to new year!!!

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 11:53 AM

First I spent 5 hrs at the hospital with my son for a 10 min. procedure cause he wouldn't wake up and when he did he knew no one or anything.  Dr. was going to admit him after the 2 hrs but then he slowly started coming around.  The specialist says he has abdominal migraines, never heard of them but he has all the signs.  So he was put on Elavil which is a anti-depressant that controls headaches, I am on it too for migraines.  He only gave him 10mgs at bedtime and has to go back in a couple weeks for follow up.  Scared the hell out of me when he wouldn't wake up, they were slapping him and shaking him, it was awful.  The G I dr was great on taking care of him I must say.

I can't get rid of these damn shakes, some days I am a little shaky but like today it's really bad.  My husband goes in on the 12th of this month cause they found blockages so that has me worried to.  Going to try the balloon procedure but if it doesn't work then it has to be stints.  He is a awful patient when it comes to hospitals, hates them totally!!!!  He said if he is knocked out and they find something more serious I am not to allow them to do anything else, like I am going to say no and let him take the chance of dying.  Thank God my daughter in law and son will be there with me, I couldn't do it alone.

With my shakes the best part of the day is late afternoon and evening.  Mornings are awful, I hate to go to bed at night cause I know I am going to wake up and get them as soon as I start moving around.  Onc. tells me to use the xanax but they don't seem to work or I don't feel they do.  I had one in me and still managed to tell the school nurse off one day while crying my eyes out. Now she will be the one crying when she finds out that my son truly has something wrong with him  .With all the stress my onc. has me coming every month again to keep a watch on me.  I had a cyst on my face cut out, imagine a tooth being pulled with no novacain and that's what it felt like.  Why are things popping out on me all of a sudden, is it Gleevec related or CML related or just damn bad luck?

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 04:54 PM

Whatever it is, I hope it stops!

Hang in there,


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