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Sprycel with or without food

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#1 JohnFromChicago


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Posted 04 May 2016 - 01:14 PM

I know that the manufacturer states it can be taken with or without so I assume the level of effectiveness would not be affected much if at all either way. I am just curious though if taking it with a meal would increase absorption and possibly its effectiveness if it were taken with a large meal when compared to an empty stomach.


Diagnosed Age: 28

Diagnosed Date: Oct-20-2015

0-27 Months Rx: Sprycel 100mg

Current Rx: Sprycel 50mg


0 Month PCR = 87% 

3 Month PCR = 1.2% 

6 Month PCR = 0.64% 

9 Month PCR = 0.26% 

12 Month PCR = 0.21% 

15 Month PCR = 0.15%
18 Month PCR = 0.11%

21 Month PCR = 0.051%

24 Month PCR = 0.047%

27 Month PCR = ?.???%


#2 scuba


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Posted 04 May 2016 - 01:29 PM

Makes no difference. 

I take sprycel, however, at bedtime, which is usually several hours after the last meal of the day.

Diagnosed 11 May 2011 (100% FiSH, 155% PCR)

with b2a2 BCR-ABL fusion transcript coding for the 210kDa BCR-ABL protein


Sprycel: 20 mg per day - taken at lights out with Quercetin and/or Magnesium Taurate

6-8 grams Curcumin C3 complex.


2015 PCR: < 0.01% (M.D. Anderson scale)

2016 PCR: < 0.01% (M.D. Anderson scale) 

March        2017 PCR:     0.01% (M.D. Anderson scale)

June          2017 PCR:     "undetected"

September 2017 PCR:     "undetected"

#3 August1


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Posted 04 May 2016 - 01:31 PM

Hi John,

I don't have any scientific data on this but I did see improvements in my PCR readings around the time I switched over to taking my Sprycel in the morning and right after breakfast. I also try to include some orange juice which is acidic and may help with Sprycel absorption. Again, I am not sure this helped on a molecular level but my thinking is that taking it in the morning when the body is metabolizing food for the day may be useful. I would say that I tend to notice some mild nausea usually a few hours later (after coffee) so I try to be sure to keep water on hand top hydrate and this helps. 


Take care, 

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