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Spyrcell side effects

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#1 ShellyD


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Posted 31 March 2016 - 07:41 PM

Anyone having side effects

#2 surfdaisy76



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Posted 01 April 2016 - 01:34 PM

Hi Shelly,


I think most people do have side effects of one sort or another.  It might be helpful for you if you shared some of what you may be encountering and see if others have had similar experiences.  Other members can then respond with suggestions of what may have helped them.


I have experienced that myself a couple of times since my dx last June and have appreciated the info from others.  One thing I have noticed with my side effects is that they seem to leave and then come back. I had mostly skin issues to start with, then some nausea, etc.  Fatigue has become my constant companion...some days worse than others...


Good luck!






#3 VickiW


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Posted 01 April 2016 - 09:05 PM

Hi Shelly!

I agree with Carol.  Give us some details.  I've been on Sprycel for at least 7 years and probably run the gamut and learned a few things along the way.  I have been blessed with a great Onc and wonderful resources and support.  


I also agree with Carol.  The side effects can be different for everyone but the one constant does seem to be that the whatever the side effect (and there can be many) they all run in cycles.


We're here for you and each other,



Dxd 2007

started on Gleevec switched to Sprycel 100mg in 2009

PCRU since 2011

20mg Sprycel every other day since Dec. 2014

Began TFR 4-18-16

#4 Gail's


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Posted 03 April 2016 - 11:38 AM

Much more tired. Muscle aches requiring low dose of narcotics to sleep. Bouts of diarrhea. Chest tightness
Diagnosed 1/15/15
FISH 92%
BMB 9:22 translocation
1/19/15 began 400 mg gleevec
1/22/15 bcr 37.2 IS
2/6/15 bcr 12.5 IS
3/26/15 bcr 10.3 IS
6/29/15 bcr 7.5 IS
9/24/15 bcr 0.8 IS
1/4/16 bcr 0.3 IS
Started 100 mg dasatinib, mutation analysis negative
4/20/16 bcr 0.03 IS
8/8/16 bcr 0.007 IS
12/6/16 bcr 0.002 IS
Lowered dasatinib to 70 mg
4/10/17 bcr 0.001 IS
Lowered dasatinib to 50 mg
7/5/17 bcr 0.004 IS
8/10/17 bcr 0.001. Stopped TKI in prep for September surgery.
9/10/17 bcr 0.006
10/10/17 bcr 0.088

#5 MarCap73


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Posted 11 April 2016 - 12:01 PM

Anyone having side effects




I was Dx in November 2015.  I started off with some side effects: extreme tiredness, muscle and joint pains, some minor shortness of breath (don't ignore this one in particular! - talk to your onc!), and a very itchy scalp. (I didn't know that for many this was an issue until I read that somewhere on these boards.  I also read that tea tree oil shampoo helps, so I bought some and it does indeed help.)  


I know some people mentioned having had bouts of the runs, I had the opposite in that it was stopping me up.


Headaches were a big side effect for me too at first.  I'd get severe headaches about 5 - 6 hours after taking my pill.  I alleviated that by taking my medication about 5 hours before bedtime so that once the headaches were setting in I could sleep through it. Those are a non-issue now.


All of the symptoms went away after a bit except the itchy scalp.  That one has persisted and I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a few days actually to see about that.  

Dx: 11/2015

Sprycel: 100mg


May-17: 0.0095% IS

Aug-17: 0.0048% IS

Nov-17: 0.0066% IS



#6 jmoorhou


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Posted 11 April 2016 - 03:00 PM

The itchy head was terrible for me. It dries out your hair but the Tea tree oil shampoo for me really solved it.
Diagnosed 3/2014 WBC 28 Non detectable within 3 monthsGleevec 400 mg 5/2014 one hour after dinner really improves nausea300 mg 12/15/2016200 mg and 300 mg Gleevec 2/25/2017 (after 3 years on Gleevec) For last four months taking 300 mg per day. Last CMC showed liver enzymes elevated, went to a good Naturopath and he recommended 4 Tumeric, 10,000 mg Vitamen D, and 3 milk thistle (silymarin) daily. Also use One<p>Day Detox Dandeloin tea, and Nettle Tea and a slice of ginger every day...in two months liver tests were below normal.Janis

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