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Recurring Sore Throat

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Posted 22 July 2015 - 12:03 PM

winespritzer - I had the whole body skin peel thing, too!  Weird.  Went on and on, in cycles of about 8-12 weeks for about a year. But then it stopped and I haven't had that particular side effect anymore. I did forget to add to my earlier post that, sadly, the tinnitus and hearing loss did not ease up after 3 weeks off the Sprycel.  If anything, they are worse, and in a week or so I'll find out by how much. 

Dx July 2009 on routine physical.  WBC 94.  Started Gleevec 400 mg Sept 2009.  MMR at 2yrs.  Side effects (malaise, depression/anxiety, fatigue, nausea, periorbital edema) never improved.  Kidney issues developed because of Gleevec.  Switched to Sprycel 70 mg in Aug 2011.  Above side effects disappeared or improved.  Have been MR3.5 - 4.5 ever since.  Two untreated pleural effusions followed by one treated by stopping Sprycel Jan 2017.  After 9 weeks, PCR showed loss of MMR; re-started Sprycel at 50 mg and in 3 months was back to <0.01% IS.  Pleural effusion returned within a couple of months, same as before (moderate, left side only).  Stopped Sprycel 50 mg for 12 weeks; pleural effusion resolved.  At about a monthoff the drug, PCR was 0.03; at 11 weeks it was 2.06 - lost CCyR? Have returned to 50 mg Sprycel for 3 weeks, intending to reduce to 20 mg going forward.

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Posted 28 July 2015 - 06:04 PM

Thanks a zillion Trey. I was hoping to get to 0.01 but my PCR came out at 0.07...report also said IS scale is 0.03%.Doctor said numbers are still down and I am doing well   Ha ha , he didn't say, "not to worry today".

Does that mean I should worry? I hope it's a blip.


My blood was tested at GenPath not LabCorp as has been the case since 1/14.  I was worried  because my onc's group was swallowed by a bigger predatory factory like group. Report lacked the tracking graph I had gotten used to - guess because they have no data for me. &^%$%


I sure hope the number doesn't rise higher in 3 mos.

But I will try to remain calm, sort of!!!


Appreciate all of your knowledge and willingness to help us...you really have explained lots, better than my onc ever has.


CML History....

DX-1/14....wbc....55....100mg Sprycel-1 wk after DX....periorbital edema, fatigue,









0.00- 4/16-10/17


70mg Sprycel...11/4/17....40 mg prednisone (7 days)....thoracentisis...10/26/17

tremendous reduction w periorbital edema and fatigue

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