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back spasms

prior conditions magnified Sprycel

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 10:46 AM

Has anyone noticed prior conditions combined with corresponding side effects, like bone pain/muscle spasms being magnified? (I'm on Sprycel, 80 mg.) I am no stranger to back issues. I had a herniated disks and a couple bulging disks 2 years prior to diagnosis. Ironically, that is how I found out I had CML. My back pain had gotten so bad that I requested an MRI before the new year brought in new deductables. The MRI showed a change in bone marrow. A CBC was ordered which showed a white count of 418. Why no CBC was ordered back in September when I went in thinking I had Raynaud's disease, I don't know.


I made an appoint with a back specialist which is Monday. My chiropractor appt isn't til Tuesday and he's closed today. My PC appt the week after. Now I'm thinking maybe it's muscle related and the specialist might be a waste of time and money.


Usually by late afternooon my back is ready to call it a day. If I push through, it refuses to hold me up, my muscles get tight, and finally shooting back pain and spasms. My home remedies include one of those neoprene exercise belts and essential oil.


Can anyone relate?



DX 1/14; Sprycel 100 Mg, liver toxicity; Sprycel 80 Mg; down to 50 Mg for 5 months. Numbers going up. Back to 80 Mg 10/16 (with 50s slipped in to use up) BCR/ABL: .0047 12/15; .0302 4/16;  .0528 8/16;  .084 10/16; .045, 1/17 back up on 80 mg Sprycel; .006, 3/17; .016, 7/17; Shingles 8/17

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 11:04 AM

Oh, yes...can I ever !!  I, too, had a history of back problems long before CML.  I had 2 surgeries on L5-S1 and now that disc has disintegrated away.  L4-L5 is in pretty bad shape, but not herniated.  There's also bone spurs, stenosis, and arthritis.  My neck is also a train wreck, especially around C5+/- a few.  Surgeons have told me that I will eventually need fusions in both my lower back and neck, but not until it becomes "unbearable".  I've been getting by for years with occasional steroid injections and home remedies (ice, heat, special pillows, pain creams, hot showers, Aleve, etc).  I avoid chiropractors because without a muscle relaxer, which they can't prescribe, it just aggravates the situation.


I also have scoliosis and Inflammatory Arthritis.  I have constant back pain, especially spasms in my mid-back around the bra line.  It did seem to get worse once I started the Gleevec, but I don't know if that's because of the Gleevec itself or because I had to decrease my Cymbalta (which helps so much!) because of the interaction between the two (makes me too sleepy to function). 


Sometimes when I get home from work, I just lay down with my feet elevated for a bit to relieve the pressure off my back.  I have to pace myself doing housework and take frequent breaks in between tasks.  I'm limited to pretty much walking and light stretching for exercise although I could probably do water exercise if I had regular access to a pool.


It's not much fun.  I really feel for ya!

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