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Switched meds, can't bring myself to throw 30 days of Gleevec out

Gleevec cost

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#1 Jenny-Girl


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Posted 20 February 2015 - 08:12 PM

Hi.  I'm wondering if I can give my prescription Gleevec away to another patient on Gleevec?  I switched meds in September of 2012 from Gleevec to Sprycel and have almost a one month supply of Gleevec 100mg tablets ( I took 4/100 mg tabs a day) that have a use by date of 3/31/2015.  I hate to throw them away knowing what they cost and the struggles some folks on this site have by paying an extremely high copay or having to pay out of pocket or having to chose between heat, food, or paying for their meds. I'd be happy to ship them to anyone who could use them but not sure if I can.  I don't know anyone personally on these meds.They are still in the original RX bottle. Comments appreciated. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.



#2 gerry


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Posted 20 February 2015 - 09:38 PM

The other way might be to talk with your doc and if he has other patients he might be able to pass them on.

#3 Gail's


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Posted 21 February 2015 - 01:02 AM

I tried to find a place where I could recycle some really expensive prescriptions that weren't needed any more. Found some help from pharmacists but finally found a place in Oregon that would take meds to redistribute. The meds I offered didn't work for them since they had to be refrigerated. The basics were med in original package, not more than 6 months old. I'll try to find a link & post but remember just doing a google search for recycle prescriptions.

Whatever you do, don't flush these guys down the toilet. Call a pharmacy for where to safely dispose of them.
Diagnosed 1/15/15
FISH 92%
BMB 9:22 translocation
1/19/15 began 400 mg gleevec
1/22/15 bcr 37.2 IS
2/6/15 bcr 12.5 IS
3/26/15 bcr 10.3 IS
6/29/15 bcr 7.5 IS
9/24/15 bcr 0.8 IS
1/4/16 bcr 0.3 IS
Started 100 mg dasatinib, mutation analysis negative
4/20/16 bcr 0.03 IS
8/8/16 bcr 0.007 IS
12/6/16 bcr 0.002 IS
Lowered dasatinib to 70 mg
4/10/17 bcr 0.001 IS
Lowered dasatinib to 50 mg
7/5/17 bcr 0.004 IS
8/10/17 bcr 0.001. Stopped TKI in prep for September surgery.
9/10/17 bcr 0.006
10/10/17 bcr 0.088

#4 AllTheseYears


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Posted 21 February 2015 - 02:47 PM

Jenny Girl: Because of myriad mistakes by The HealthCare Marketplace and my insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C., mistakes that despite two months of letters, emails and appeals I cannot correct.....I have no insurance and no Gleevec.  No Gleevec for nearly two weeks!  I have lost hope of restoring my insurance via Obamacare any time soon - if ever; they just can't correct their mistakes.  I am trying to get Gleevec directly from Novartis....but this takes time.


I would be very grateful to have your Gleevec supply.  If you are willing to send it to me at my expense, I will send you my mailing address.  You might keep me from losing my remission.  Please reply.  I will send you my telephone number and give you my mailing address at that time.  AllTheseYears

#5 Billie Murawski

Billie Murawski

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Posted 21 February 2015 - 11:25 PM

Jenny Girl,

  When I switched meds I could not give them back. Cancer Center, Ins Co. I guess it's against the law even if the bottle is unopened.

    What we have done is ask anybody if they want them, then we send them to them. I have done this twice.   Billie

#6 SusanL


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Posted 09 May 2015 - 01:59 PM

I have Tasigna if any one wants it.  I too could not throw it away.  they are in sealed blister packs so obviously unopened. 3 wk supply, 4 weeks if I can get the one back I gave to my oncologist.  I doubt she did anything with it due to legalities.

#7 Billie Murawski

Billie Murawski

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Posted 09 May 2015 - 04:58 PM

Hi jenny-girl and susanl,  To some members the meds may be a Godsend..Sometimes just having some extra pills gives you more peace of mind. In case there is a holdup on their meds. Like I said I've done it twice and it's a good feeling knowing that we helped one of our members. All anybody has to do is private message you and give you their e-mail address then you can exchange information. 

  That applies to everybody on the board, I tried to give another med back, nobody will take it. CC center, onc, pharmacy,pcp I even told them I wanted to donate them to somebody who can use them but don't have the money to pay I kept track of the conversations on the board and it doesn't take long to get to know a member well enough that you feel comfortable to exchange private info to each other.


#8 Frogiegirl


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Posted 11 May 2015 - 05:49 AM

SusanL me me lol

Diagnosed Oct 2013 Started 600mg of Tasigna  on Nov 4th. Lowered dose a few months later to 300mg due to side affects stayed here declining PCR until March 2015 small jump from 0.0072 to 0.0083 scarred my doc into full dose of Tasigna again 600mg(been miserable since) but reached PCRU 06/15/2015(next test) and have been there ever since. Hoping to have another little one. I have the support of my doc to go off anytime, just scared to jump. might go two years PCRU but he said it wont make much of a difference. I just figured I could possibly go into a trial while preggers if I got the two years behind me.

Nov 8th 2017 went off Tasigna

Dec 1st PCRU off TKI

Jan 5th PCR Detected .0625

Feb 1st PCR Detected .7815

Added 8-6 grams Curcumin daily in Feb

March 3rd PCR Detected 3.2646 YIKES!

 stopped trying for baby after February reading. will start new TKI march 16th 2017 (Sprycel)

FYI I'm not done trying for my last little one.

#9 garfonzo


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Posted 16 May 2015 - 03:22 PM

Yeah I have about 4-6 weeks worth of tasigna 150 and 200mg. Don't know what to do with it. Pharmacy and doc won't take them back.
1/22/2013 initial dx WBC 550k
1/28/2013 begin Tasigna 600

pcr test %IS Drug Dose
7/24/13 2.889 Tasigna 600
10/23/13 2.442 Tasigna 600
1/24/14 2.497 Tasigna 600
3/5/14 2.158 Tasigna 600
6/4/14 1.319 Tasigna 800
9/3/14 0.982 Tasigna 800
12/8/14 0.845 Tasigna 800
3/16/15 1.984 Tasigna 800
4/27/15 0.802 Sprycel 100 PM
6/22/15 0.277 Sprycel 100
8/24/15 0.466 Sprycel 100 AM
9/14/15 0.365 Sprycel 100 PM
11/9/15 0.307 Sprycel 100
1/6/16 0.1 Sprycel 100 - MMR mayo clinic
4/4/16 0.1 Sprycel 100 - MMR
5/9/16 0.1 Sprycel 100 - MMR
6/6/16 0.06 Sprycel 40 - MMR
7/6/16 0.1 Sprycel 40 - MMR
9/12/16 0.09 Sprycel 40 - MMR
11/15/16 0.1 Sprycel 40 - MMR
2/14/17 0.07 Sprycel 40 - MMR
5/16/17 0.06 Sprycel 40 - MMR
9/11/17 0.05 Sprycel 40 - MMR
1/15/18 0.05 Sprycel 40 - MMR

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