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Questions for Dr at 6 months

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#1 cam_kris


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 09:19 PM

I am sure that there is a post on this somewhere and if anyone knows where it is, could you please post it. 

like i have said, 6 months on Tasigna - bone marrow on the 14th of October and  results on the 24th

I just want to have all my ducks in a row when i go get the results.  I want to make sure I ask all the right questions

to see where I am in this CML journey I am on.

I read and reread everyone's posts on all their results and I have not a clue what it all stands for.

I should know more then i do, but seriously, my brain isnt working like it should!  Im starting to worry about that, why i cant

remember things, seems like i am writing things down more all the time, then i make a grocery list and forget the list at home.  Im

thankful i live very close to the store!!

the only thing he ever tells me is that we will find out if the Tasigna is working or not. 

so if anyone would be so kind to tell me the most important results to get I would truly appreciate it  My Dr. isnt the easiest to understand

so if I go prepared with a list of questions i can just go down it,  ask and get the answers to each one.

I am going to get copies of each test as well, but if I had a list in hand, it would just make that appt much easier to understand

Thank you!


#2 Trey


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 09:41 AM

Depending on what you know about the diagnosis and what has happened since, here are some possibilities:

1) Was I diagnosed in chronic phase?

2) Did my tests at diagnosis show any high risk factors?

3) What do my FISH and PCR tests at 3 months and now show about my progress so far?

4) What do the blood tests show about my overall blood quality?  Low counts?  What is out of normal range on my blood panel (CMP) test?

5) Need copies of all test reports

#3 cam_kris


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hey Trey, here is what i know for sure.

1) I was dx at CML March 26th 2012  started Tasigna April 18th 2012  2nd lab report on April 5th  WBC 201.7  RBC 3.69  HEMOGLOBIIN 11.1  RDW-CV 16.6  RDW - SD 56.3 PLATELET COUNT 372   LYMPH 2%  MONOC 2%   SEG 26%

EOS 0%   BASO 7%   BAND 36%   METAM 17%   MYELO 10%  ABSOLUTE MONOC 4.034    ABSOLUTE SEG 52.442    ABSOLUTE BANDS 72.612    ABSOLUTE BASO 14.119     

On April 6th I had labs for this:

BCR/ABL Translocation 9 ;22,FISH (BCRF)

Method - Locus and probes      Strategy  #nuclei;class

9Q34 (ABL1)   22q11.2 (BCR)                  (DFISH; 500;ASR)

Probe strategy: DFISH=dual color, double fusion

results adnormality     sesult (%)   95% normal cut off

BCR/ABL1 FUSION       ADNORMAL (96.0%)    <0.6


nuc ish (ABL1)  (BCRX3) (ABL1 con BCRx2)  (480/500)

result is abnormal and indicates BCR/ABL1 fusion in 96.0% of nuclei.  this is consistent with persistence of this patients known BCR/ABL1 CLONE

3/27/12 MARROW  t (9;22) in 20/20 metaphases

3/27/12 marrow BCR/ABL1 fusion  (97.8% of nuclei)

Lipase 95 U/L         23-300    FC

as of end of june every thing has came back to normal CBC,   DIFF 3-PT   HEPATIC FUNCTION IS NORMAL ONLY THING WAS GLUCOSE WAS HIGH

I cannot find a 3 month Fish - BCR/ABL Translocation 9;22

I do not understand one thing listed above, just that i have CML that is all i know.  that is why i would like questions this time so I know what is going on

with me.

Thanks so much!

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