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Heart Murmur?

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#1 JoshLee



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Posted 05 August 2012 - 12:53 PM

Hi All,

     I went to the Doctor last week for a little bug I picked up and she said she noticed I had a heart murmur. I was dx with one when I was very young, but my parents were told it was "innocent". Though out my life my doctor has told me he couldn't hear one, but two different doctors said they could. Is tasigna known to cause heart valve problems? They advised that I get an ECO.

#2 Happycat


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Posted 05 August 2012 - 01:05 PM


I have a very slight heart murmur.  Most of the females in my family have one.  What I have found through the years is that it is something only about 20-30% of doctors can hear.  The truth is that medical schools no longer do as much in-depth "teaching" on sounds and their meanings via stethoscope.  They tend to rely on newer technology, not the relatively simple stethoscope.  I got that out of an older doctor, when I told him it was funny how only some doctors could hear the heart murmur. 

So I would posit that the dx you got as a youngster is correct, you do have a heart murmur.  If you are concerned it has gotten worse over time, then request to get an ECHO.  That will determine if you need to be concerned, like take antibiotics before dental procedures, etc.  I had an ECHO test after a bad E. Coli infection, just to make sure it hadn't damaged the valve.  All was fine. but worth checking.


#3 Dina36


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Posted 05 August 2012 - 03:52 PM

Hi guys,

Same thing with me. When I was dx last year and while staying at the hospital one young doctor said that I have a heart murmur, that was the first time someone

ever told me that. So, I have said that to another doctor the very next day and then he listened and listened and said Nah I don't think so.  In the meantime that young dr.

ordered an ultra sound/ ECHO and all was ok. I just had another ultra sound done last month and it was normal again. The reason I had to have it again is that they wanted to see

if Tasigna is  having any affect on  my heart so far but I've been on the medicine for only 10 months, not sure if that is too short to tell.

So Traci, it's the same thing with me. Some doctor say they can hear it and some don't. Funny!!!

Josh, I wouldn't worry about it all. What I have noticed is that when I'm feeling a little nervous that's when they can hear it, but

you can have an ultra sound/ ECHO just as piece of mind. But I'm sure it will be OK.


#4 Susan61


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Posted 05 August 2012 - 07:09 PM

Hi:  Getting a ECHO periodically is a good thing.  I was told many times that I had a murmur, and some doctors never hear anything.  I was told years ago that I had a slightly enlarged heart, and I had a Echo with a Cardiology work-up last year.  They still told me I had a slight enlarged heart, and they always tell me that my Mitral Valve Prolapse has been the same.

     They used to insist on getting pre-treated with antibiotics before surgery or dental work, and now they are finding out its not always necessary.  I have done surgery as well as dental work, and forgot to tell them about the Mitral Valve.

I had no problems.  I agree you should get the ECHO just to put your mind at ease.


#5 bagdaddi


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Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:31 AM

I'm also interested in any heart related Tasigna issues.  I've been on Tasigna for 6 months (since diagnosis).  Had an EKG last week and it showed an "incomplete RBBB."  I did not show an incomplete RBBB on the EKG taken at diagnosis.  Usually, RBBB isn't an issue, but troubling that it seems to be something that has appeared since recent diagnosis. May be completely unrelated to the Tasigna, cardiologist visit to come. 

#6 Guest_billronm_*

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Posted 06 August 2012 - 06:09 PM

Hi Josh,

  I never had a heart murmer until after my dx. When I go for my check-ups some times they hear it and sometimes they don't. My cardiologist isn't worried about it, and I get the full workup every year. So if they aren't worried about it neither  am I. CML is just full of surprises isn't it?    Billie

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