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CBC test results questions

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#1 mscl


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Posted 15 March 2012 - 10:01 AM

I don't have an appointment with my onc until next Thursday, but had my weekly CBC this morning. I called the onc's office. I don't have a printed report, but they told me my counts were as follows. WBC 13.01, RBC 9.01 and platelets 82,000.   I was diagnosed 2/10/12 and still pretty new to all this.   Last week my WBC was 43K and RBC was 9.5. They did not give me a platelet count prior to this. Are these all okay numbers?

Dx 2/10/12.
Sprycel 100. mg.
10/2015, Pleural effusions, both sides, about a 3-4 week break in Rx, reduced to 70 mg.
PEs, weren't completely gone, started building back up, about a 6-8 week break in Rx.
01/2016, Reduced to sprycel 50 mg.
10/2016, developed severe skin rash, mainly upper arms and upper legs, smaller rashes on lower arms, lower legs, upper back/neck. Rx break of about 6 weeks.
1/25/17, reduced to Sprycel 20 mg.
7/19/17, still at 20 mg Sprycel, undetectable.
11/9/17, 20 mg Sprycel, undetectable.

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 11:43 AM

Sounds like they are going in the right direction to me. Your platelets are somewhat low but that is not unusual, you are just getting started. Don't panic, or at least, try not to panic, if your counts drop below normal as they are probably going to. It's all part of letting the drug do its job. Hopefully, your doc is familiar with CML and the drugs we take for it and can help you through this adjustment period.

If not, we're only a few keystrokes away!




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DX 12/08; Gleevec 400mg; liver toxicity; Sprycel 100mg.; CCyR 4/10; MMR 8/10; Pleural Effusion 2/12; Sprycel 50mg. Maintaining MMR; 2/15 PCRU; 8/16 drifting in and out of undetected like a wave meeting the shore. Retired 12/23/2016! 18 months of PCRU, most recent at Mayo on 7/25/17 was negative at their new sensitivity reporting of 0.003.<p>

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 12:18 PM

The drop in WBC is what you want to see.  You went from 164K down to 9K in about 30 days.  The high RBC is somewhat unusual, since it normally would fall along with the WBC, so ask your Onc what he thinks about that.  The RBC does not normally indicate some issue, but yours started quite high and has remained quite high.  Just interested in what the Onc says about it.

Do you want to ask the Onc about tapering Sprycel dosage to enable a "soft landing" of your WBC as we discussed?  Although I have not seen it done, it seems like a good idea, especially for women who tend to crash the WBC during the first few months. 

#4 ruineto


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Posted 17 March 2012 - 07:21 AM

Your CBC is great , great results.

And it shows you are very sensitive to whatever you are using

Your doctor will probably keep checking your platelets count and if it keeps lowering you will probably need to take a lower dose.

Dont worry too much about it though, although 82.000 platelets is low, the real risk is when under 50.000 and stopping to take the med or lowering the dose make them go back up pretty fast.

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