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Sprycel and lower leg edema

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Posted 16 December 2011 - 05:53 PM

I have read some of the older posts about the topic of sprycel and edema, and even asked someone (turned out to be on Gleevec) about their swelling too.  I wanted to see if this is something that would eventually go away or it is something I will have to deal with.  I am sure that everyone is different, but wondered what some other's experiences were.  I have been on Sprycel for about 5-6 weeks, had initial headaches, those are gone, had some aches in  hands/arms, those don't happen often, but now the swelling in my lower legs/ankles is pretty bad and uncomfortable.  Started Lasix today, 20 mg (although I think too low) for 3 days and then to use as needed.  I do drink water and don't use alot of salt, I guess I could cut that down.  I work 12 hour shifts and the other day the swelling was really bad.  I did read about celery, lemon water in am and I will try those.  I guess my question is did anyone have this and then went away or get better?  I don't post often, but do keep up and I appreciate anyone's experiences they would be willing to share!  Thanks! 

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Posted 16 December 2011 - 07:33 PM

I have swelling in my ankles and hands quite frequently.  So far it has not lasted for over a day or so, but I do try to keep my feet elevated in the evenings and this seems to help.  I take 140 mg of Sprycel, and the swelling seems to have increased a bit as the dosage went up.  Working on your feet 12 hours a day won't help your swelling, but perhaps putting them up when you can will.  I am under the impression one should drink water when taking a fluid pill, I always have and no additional swelling has occurred, but we will have to look for more experienced members for official call on water/fluid retention.  Hope this helps.


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Posted 17 December 2011 - 02:21 AM

I have had edema, it is from gleevec but anyways couple of weeks back I was also put on 20mg of lasix. Mostly it has done good work, most of the excess fluid left in the first few days. The fluid was about 5% of my body weight so not too bad medically but I  hated it. I haven't noticed any dizziness from the lasix but I have been careful to drink a lot. I also don't hold back on drinking coffee or diet cola. Obviously lasix is working when it makes you pee a lot and that can be a bugger...no so good to be in meetings etc when you really have to pee every 30 mins. For me it seems to come in between 1-4 hours after I take it but is not as predictable as I would like. If you like sleeping I wouldn't take it in the evening. I was also told to take it as needed but every time I don't take it there is a lack of "output" and I'm much more puffy the next day. My GP also said to make sure that I get enough potassium while on lasix so I  eat a banana.

Hope it works for you.

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 10:33 PM

Thanks to you both for the info, it helps a lot !

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